About Us

Catherine Hinderman

Co-Founder & Chief Compassion Officer

Catherine Hinderman has led a very interesting life which started out with a Bachelors in Maritime Engineering from SUNY which led her to government service (NOAA) for 4 years after which she transitioned into the world of financial services at JP Morgan in New York City. It was here where she found her calling to make an impact on the world in a unique and meaningful way.

Catherine has always had a heart of compassion and has volunteered her time and energy to many non-profits and churches which serve those less fortunate while infusing hope in the lives of the hopeless and lost.

Dr. Nader Okby


Nader Okby is a member of the New York State Education Department (SED) as well as chairman of the State Board of Clinical Lab Technology. With 15 years of entrepreneurship experience, VC experience and investor of various enterprises, he is a valuable asset to the Board of Advisors.

What We Do?

We Are on A Mission To Help The Helpless

Our Story

During the study of children’s non-profits world wide, it was observed that while children are provided for through the gracious acts of organizations and donors world wide, teenagers aging out of their sponsorship programs are left vulnerable. It is because of this growing concern that Bridging Futures was founded. To address the gap years and prevent the progress in education from halting and giving these teenagers the opportunity to continue learning and growing.

How We Do?

We Enable Hope

Our Approch

We work with vetted non-profits in the area of child development and motivated donor groups who recognize that children are our future, and investing in them is the best path toward realizing a better, brighter future.

What We Do?

We Are on a Mission to Inspire and Empower


Building a mindset focused on more than just the individual. “How can I, help enhance the lives of the collective whole?”

When one hand holds another through compassion, we form an unbreakable chain.
- Catherine Hinderman


Program designed to teach empathy, compassion, teamwork while teaching about self and self-growth.

Without a guide, we walk a lonely path, through guidance we’re lent the compass that guides us home.
- Catherine Hinderman


Giving students the space to invent through self-discovery, skills building and strength realization.

Each idea has potential, but potential is not enough. Potential partnered with action is innovation.
- Catherine Hinderman


Programs designed to find and build individual strengths and core values.

Growth is not seen on the outside but felt on the inside. It is witnessed through selfless act.
- Catherine Hinderman