Bridging Futures

During the study of children’s non-profits world wide, it was observed that while children are provided for through the gracious acts of organizations and donors world wide, teenagers aging out of their sponsorship programs are left vulnerable. It is because of this growing concern that Bridging Futures was founded. To address the gap years and prevent the progress in education from halting and giving these teenagers the opportunity to continue learning and growing.

Unbound Futures

Unbound Futures Foundation is a registered Non-Profit organisation with a mission to provide access to proper education, health, and development for the community especially children, youth and women of rural and financially weak families. Working in the remote Bijanbari area near the more famous Darjeeling town, our vision is to create an Un-bound (boundless) Future for all. We create learning opportunities, assist in financing education, build work modules to empower them to work towards sustainable livelihood instead of choosing to migrate to the cities.